Director of Education's Address

‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.’

Education is the most powerful weapon with which one can change the world. We at Adamas World School believe that a child when nurtured right from a toddler to a young adult will excel in all fields It is not only Academics but the overall development of the child which we aim for. Our children are our future citizens and preparing them with a holistic education is our duty. We try our best to cater to the over-all development of a child—— to be independent, self-sufficient individuals who will be the future of our Nation. Success and humbleness go hand in hand is what is taught to our children. With all the modern amenities, education is made interesting and with the flora and fauna surrounding the school, children are brought up amidst nature so that they become good human beings and make us all proud.

Dr. Sugata D’Souza
Education Director
Adamas World School